Canada 150 Chair Project

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Canada 150 Chair Project

A Front Row Seat to Canadian History

We have asked local photographers to record the places that inspire them and include you in the picture because…. this chair is your chair, this chair is my chair, from 1867 until 2017 this chair was made for you and me.  Made by the hands of our ancestors it has supported Nova Scotians for 150 years and now it is time for this little chair to travel throughout the length and breadth of our beloved Province to take a front row seat in the places that we collectively cherish/chairish. 

A chair with history!

This chair is believed to have been made by a local craftsman around the time of Confederation.  In 2016 it was rescued from the spring clean-up in Gaspereau, Nova Scotia.  It was restored by Bill Zinck and Bill Naylor.  With the approach of Canada 150    Celebrations in 2017 Kings County Museum Curator Bria Stokesbury asked local artist Victoria Marston to transform this little chair into a contemporary symbol to commemorate this historic year in the life of our country.  Local photographers will be asked to create a visual celebration of the chair in locations of importance to them, and all Nova Scotians.  The images will then be collected and shared on the Canada150Chair  website.

Want to take part? 

The chair marks your spot! Pick a place, building, event that means something of importance to you, and that others can relate to. Contact the Kings County Museum to reserve your time with the Canada 150 Chair             Photograph the chair in that location and then send a copy of that image, along with the date and location that it was taken to the Kings County Museum

Select images will be uploaded to the location and shared with all Nova Scotians.  An exhibit of some of the images will be on display at the Kings County Museum in Kentville Nova Scotia throughout the 2017 season.  The museum will create a calendar from some of the images so by submitting an image for the project it is with the understanding the Museum may use that image to help fund projects for the museum.

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Celebrate why we “Chairish” Canada

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