Artifact Donation

Do you have an item that you would like to donate to the Kings County Museum to be part of our collection? Thank you for thinking of us and trusting us with a piece of Kings County history.

If you are interested in donating, please continue reading to learn about our donation process.

    • Please do not drop off items for donation without speaking to a staff member.

    • Accepting items for our collection is a decision made by our Collections Committee, Textile Committee, or other appropriate committees and specialists

    • These committees meet once a month to consider offered items and make decisions about accessioning new items

    • Accepted donations will be considered on the following factors outlined in our policy manual:
        • Consistency with the objectives of the Society
        • Significance, such as association with an event, person, historical period or geographic area
        • Representative of other material of its kind
        • Physical condition
        • Availability of human and financial resources to acquire, document, preserve, and store the material
        • Opportunities for use within the collection
        • Restrictions on use or disposition of the material
        • Availability of documentation to support its study and use
        • Attributes that make material a threat to users or to other elements of the collection
    • When offering an item to the museum, it is helpful for us to know the story behind the artifact. If you were going to display the item, what stories and information would you share? Artifacts have a lived history and we love to learn more about that history (it helps us bring history to life)
    • In some cases, we may suggest that your object become part of our working collection. This is a hands on collection (independent from our regular collection) that we use for teaching and bettering visitor experience and learning.

    • If you would like to contact our Curator about a potential donation, please call the museum (902-679-6237), email her directly (, or fill out the form below.